CSBIO | On the project, focus on innovation and promote the realization of high-quality development of enterprises

Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in September 2000 and listed on the Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market on August 19, 2011. It is a leading enterprise of heparin series drugs in China and has more than 1,300 employees. In recent years, the company has actively responded to various challenges at home and abroad, overcame various difficulties, and achieved rapid development. In the next step, we will continue to focus on project construction, increase innovation and research and development efforts, and make positive contributions to Zhengding County’s early entry into the top 100 counties in the country and the realization of high-quality development.
1.Speed up the construction of projects under construction. The company’s 35-ton API project construction is going all out to ensure that it will be put into production in the early stage at the end of August and fully put into production at the end of the year. The expansion project of low-molecular-weight heparin preparations has been accelerated, with an annual output of 200 million heparin series injections after completion. The enoxaparin workshop renovation project will ensure that it will be officially put into production before the end of June, and will ensure the smooth realization of the company’s foreign trade export goals in 2022 and the next three years. In 2021, the company’s Kaikud production base has completed the expansion and transformation projects, and the annual processing of 15 million pig intestines will be realized. In 2022, the second-phase expansion and transformation will be carried out, and the annual processing capacity of pig small intestine will reach 50 million pieces.
2.Increase the planning and construction of new projects. The Lung phospholipid injection and protein R&D and production project started construction in the first half of this year, and the first phase of construction was completed and put into production in the first half of next year. Heparin from cattle and sheep will be produced in small batches within the year, and actively promote the development of Muslim markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and Jordan. Actively promote the project cooperation with the French company Sanofi.
3.1. Accelerate the pace of clinical advancement of the 1.1 class new drug ebenatide. In April 2021, subjects of the Phase III ebenatide project will be enrolled. The pharmaceutical research work has entered the final stage, and the progress of the ebenatide project has been steadily advanced. In 2022, the project will be accelerated to ensure that the application to the State Food and Drug Administration will be completed in 2023, and the market will be approved in 2024.
4.2. Increase the research and development of multi-target new drugs. NANT3456 and NANT4523 are small molecule anti-cancer class 1 new drugs developed by the company, focusing on the treatment of pancreatic cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer. The company will increase research and development efforts, and strive to enter the first phase of clinical trials around the end of 2022.

Post time: Apr-12-2022