Introduction to the new drug-ibenatide

Hebei Changshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and ConjuChem LLC of the United States signed a joint venture agreement. The two parties jointly established a Sino-foreign joint venture —Changshan Kaijiejian Biopharmaceutical Research and Development (Hebei) Co., Ltd.
   With the increasing enrichment of relevant research results at home and abroad, the deepening of academic exchanges and promotion, and the adjustment of the national medical insurance drug catalogue, long-acting GLP-1 drugs will surely become the mainstream products of drugs and will be used by more and more doctors. Accepted by the patient group, it has become the first-line drug for diabetes treatment. Aibenatide developed by Changshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and ConjuChem LLC of the United States is precisely this type of weekly GLP-1 pharmaceutical preparation.Aibenatide is a new stable compound formed by chemically modifying exenatide (a biologically active peptide extracted from the salivary glands of lizards) by using DACTM technology and combining with recombinant human albumin. . From the perspective of its pharmacodynamics, the polypeptide chain does not need to be separated from albumin after the compound enters the body, but directly binds to the GLP-1 receptor to produce biological effects, and its mechanism of action is glucose-dependent, that is, only in Insulin secretion is promoted during periods of hyperglycemia, so the risk of hypoglycemia is relatively small. From its pharmacokinetic point of view, recombinant human albumin as a drug carrier can protect and release the Exendin-4 polypeptide chain, greatly reducing the risk of hydrolysis and destruction of polypeptide molecules by dipeptidyl peptidase in the body , And avoid the rapid elimination of the kidneys, thereby achieving the effect of significantly prolonging the half-life of the drug in the body.
   The phase I/II clinical trials of ibenatide have been completed. From the perspective of specific clinical effects, ibenatide can achieve significant hypoglycemic and weight loss effects at a lower dose and only once a week. This is undoubtedly It will bring great convenience to patients. The Phase III clinical study of ibenatide is currently underway. After the product goes on the market, it is expected to quickly occupy the market by virtue of its unique advantages.

Post time: Jun-24-2021