Csbio:Donated More Than 2 Million Yuan Of Heparin Medicine To Help Epidemic Prevention And Control

Shanghai Securities News China Securities News February 27, Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated more than 2 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province. These drugs are all heparin drugs urgently needed for the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia. The above drugs will be distributed to 42 hospitals in Hubei including Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. Changshan Pharmaceutical said that giving back to the society and dedicating love are the indispensable social responsibilities of listed companies. In the face of this epidemic, Changshan Pharmaceutical will definitely exert its own advantages and do its utmost to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Prior to this, Changshan Pharmaceutical contacted the local government on January 29 and donated 2 million yuan in cash for epidemic prevention and control. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, Changshan Pharmaceutical has strengthened its responsibility and insisted on putting people’s lives and health in the first place. We work harder to ensure the normal supply of anticoagulant low molecular weight heparin injections in Hubei and other places. In the event that holiday logistics and freight capacity have not been restored, the transportation problem is solved regardless of cost, and multiple batches of low-molecular-weight heparin injections have been sent to Wuhan and Hubei around.

As the only domestic leading enterprise in the heparin field with crude heparin to low molecular weight heparin injection products and a complete heparin industry chain, the sales of low molecular weight heparin injection produced by Changshan Pharmaceutical accounted for 40% of the national market. The core product low molecular weight heparin calcium injection has created the YBH03832006 production enterprise standard, which is much higher than the national and industry standards, ranking first in domestic sales for nine consecutive years.

It is understood that Changshan Pharmaceutical’s actions of actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and helping to prevent and control the epidemic have also received praise and support from the society. The company’s US partner ConjuChem donated 8,000 masks to the company to support the company’s production, and other partners also expressed its intention to donate mask. (Liu li)

Post time: Jul-01-2020